Alcohol Profits

Strange as it may seem, I’m a big fan of investing in alcohol. Like hand crafted furniture or beautifully formed art, a bottle or cask of spirits is an expression of the person who created it.

And just like art many companies mass produce similar designs. Soon we lose sight of how valuable the original is.

Why pay for the original when you can improve on it with your paint-by-numbers kit at home?

I’ve talked about the methods of making money from alcohol before and just like art you have three options if you aren’t an artist (distiller):

1. Own the original – unique limited releases (less than 2000 bottles) and single cask or ingredient expressions.
2. Own the auction room/gallery – bars, distributors and bottle shops.
3. Sell paint-by-numbers and prints – buy spirits, cheaply adjust them and sell them on under your own label.

Each method has it’s own issues and benefits but after July 1st I’ll be publishing at least one article a week breaking it down into simple chunks. Extra special stuff will be going out to those that sign up to the newsletter so if you want to find the liquid Jackson Pollock or be ballin’ with Bourbon, sign up and tune in.




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