American Whiskey Opportunity

Now independent spirits are my schtick, it’s true. I’ve been accused of favoring them in tastings regardless of quality (not true but I agree they do seem to get mysterious bonus points).

There’s a reason though; every one of these spirits is made with a kind of passion that supersedes profit-miotives. It’s liquid love…

With American whiskies though, it’s a bit of a hit and miss affair and that is the single most exciting thing in the spirits industry. Here’s why:

(Warning: imminent metaphor)

Imagine you live in a world where for two generations there were 5 different apple trees from which you could pick apples. That’s all, just the 5 different types of apple from 5 different trees.

Eventually the same old apples get a bit boring so the farmers that own the trees start putting really interesting new stickers on their apples. Even letting some sit on the tree a bit longer… Ultimately it’s just the same 5 apples though.

Back in the day there were hundreds of apple tree species, thousands even. Over the past decade people that really love good apples have started planting and growing some of those old types of apple trees and even some entirely new species but it takes at least 5 to 8 years for apple trees to produce decent fruit.

Right now almost everyone (more than 200 apple tree owners) are adding stickers to fruit from the big 5 trees. Soon they’ll have their own and everyone that knows about them or has a thing for good apples are about to go Bonobo Poo for them.

Metaphor over, here’s the kicker;

These guys are too small for normal distributors, too unique for localized markets but they are in real demand world wide. Ready to be part of the solution?

Let’s make money with alcohol, really good alcohol. Go to the signup form and make sure you select investment opportunities and be the first in the world to receive my guide to growing and investing in a small scale whiskey industry.



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