Belgrove Rye and Bacon Cocktails

A bit over a year ago I was on TV… Briefly

It’s not every day a bartender gets a phone call from someone in his or her previous profession (unless you were once a telemarketer of course). For me that day came on the 20th of March when I received a call from a public relations company handling Australia Pork Limited, an industry body responsible for National Bacon Week.

Our previous exploits in Bacongasm and Bacongasm 2.0 had caught their attention and the idea of a bacon cocktail piqued the interest of a nationally broadcast breakfast program. Two days later I was up at some ungodly hour with a live TV crew doing their best to make me look as un-douche-y as possible for the four minutes of my segment.


I couldn’t see what the hosts were doing but hey, they were entertaining to listen to and I hope they got a few laughs from the audience at home. In case you missed the recipe, here it is:

(and no it doesn’t taste like chicken)

1 ¾ of Bacon White Rye (technique below)

1/3 Crème de Cacao (white is best)

¼ Maple Syrup

Fresh Sage

Crispy Bacon to Garnish


Reserve one sage leaf for garnish, the rest clap in your hands and throw them in a stirring glass, top with the Rye and leave aside to steep while you crisp up the bacon.

Add Crème de Cacao, maple syrup and ice then stir for at least 3 minutes (this drink needs to get really cold and nicely diluted).

Fill a tumbler with crushed ice, pour in the drink, clap the reserved sage leaf and add it alongside the bacon and a couple of straws… nectar.


Bacon White Rye is dead easy. Cook up some really nice bacon that has some quality curing and smoking flavours (as many grams of bacon as you have ml of alcohol). Once it’s all super crispy and all of the fat has rendered out (low-med temperature can help this) pour the fat into a jar filled with your white rye spirit and leave it covered for at least 12 hours.

After it’s been left you can pour it through cheesecloth and get rid of the solidified fat.

That’s it.

The best White Rye spirit you can get is from Belgrove Distillery in Tasmania, it’s smoky, flavoursome and has a real hit of definite toasted rye grain, perfect. Contact me if you can’t find it locally ( it is pretty difficult to find) once the store is open on this here site (1 month and counting) you’ll be able to get it at the tap of a screen.




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