The Best Rum in Australia

What are the best rums in Australia? It’s a difficult question and one that will never be answered perfectly but this page is an ever-updated rolling list of the top 1 0rums you can easily buy in Australia and have delivered to your door. From the best importers to direct from the distillers.

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El Dorado 15 Year Reserve

The best rum available in Australia has already been widely acclaimed as the world's best rum. The youngest component of this rum was at least 15 years old so expect a lot of matured flavours and subtle spices that linger on the palate with the best spirit finish I have ever encountered. Hailing from Guyana this is a blend of multiple styles of rum made from demerara molasses distilled using a variety of still styles and aged in a variety of casks to create complexity and layers of flavour far beyond a regular rum.

El Dorado 8 Year Reserve

Unsurprisingly another El Dorado in the top 3 rums however this goes to show the qualities of youth. Leaving similarly priced rums and whiskies for dead this is definitely worth trying. Hailing from Guyana this is a blend of multiple styles of rum made from demerara molasses distilled using a variety of still styles and aged in a variety of casks to create complexity and layers of flavour far beyond a regular rum.

Bristol Spirits Rockley Still 1986

This incredibly rare Barbados rum is from the last operating run of the Rockley distillery. It has been beautifully aged in madeira and fino sherry casks bringing jam, stone fruits, spice and a dry nutty element that is just sublime. Rather than trying to make a sweet smooth product this is for those who love complexity and layers of flavour and is a personal favourite. If you are a big fan of top level scotch then give this a try and find out just how interesting rums can be.

La Mauny Extra Saphir

Rhum Agricole is not for everyone. It is a style that I desperately want to explore more but as a French-style spirit you have to be aware that the aroma is the focus not just the taste. Don't expect the sweet vanilla flavours of some rums but instead the ginger, spiced fruits and soft leather that is so intoxicating. From the island of Martinique in the Caribbean and is a blend of 12 exceptional rhums ranging from 8 to over 15 year old.

Plantation Rum Panama 10 Year Old

This rum is a personal favourite delivering sweet, perfumed aromas of bananas and vanilla, a rich palate perfectly counterpointed by cedar and cigar box spices. The lush, creamy mouthfeel is a surprising element of this rum that carries all aromatics and tastes through to a rewarding finish. Can you tell I love it?

El Dorado 21 Year Reserve

Definitely a rum for those who love fortified dessert wines. This sweet, jammy, spicy and rich rich rum is one of the worlds greatest rum drinking experiences (98 out of 100) - Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago. A blend of specially selected rums, oak from the Enmore wooden Coffey still, the Versailles single wooden pot still and the Albion Savalle still. Aged for at least 21 years, it displays lush tropical fruit and spice nose with hints of honey and dark sugar. Its palate is round and mellow, with rich flavours of fruit and spice.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a blend of 20 per cent light column distilled rums with 80 per cent pot still rums aged up to 12 years, a proportion of which are rums from exceptional barrels which are used in Master Blender Tito Cordero's secret preparation. Although he won't reveal the ages of the rums used he has disclosed that he mixes these exceptional rums with a little cane sugar prior to blending with the main body of rums to amplify their flavour so they impart a slight touch of sweetness and a distinctive flavour to the finished rum. The only reason this isn't in the top 5 is just because of how much sugar is added to round out the harsher young rums.

Pussers 15 Years Old

A 15 year old Naval Rum that is is traditionally dark and strong, however this version is a more standard 40% abv. Hints of fruit with espresso, marmalade, marzipan and vanilla on the nose combined with a subtle layering of flavours on the palate and a perfectly sublime finish. Named after a ship's Pusser who was charged with the duty of watering the full-strength (70% abv) spirit to the official rationing strength, this was performed by adding gunpowder to a tankard of rum and water and left in the sun to see if it exploded.

Iridium Australian Rum

It's Australian, it's well made and theres a great balance of the kind of aromatic qualities that French rums are so famous for and the smooth syrupy body of English/Barbados style rums. Filtered through Cairns Highland volcanic rock this smooth rum retains fresh floral notes and silky mouthfeel. Definitely worth trying and I can't leave it out of the top 10 at this price.

$50 $70

Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaica Independence Reserve Rum

Just before Jamaica received its independence in 1962, a select few barrels of rums from the Appleton Estate were put aside to age with the edict that these rums were to be used to create a very special blend of 50 Year Old Rum that would celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica's Independence.After endless quality checks to ensure the aged Rum is of the utmost richness and complexity, Master Blender Joy Spence selected only the best barrels to be worthy of the blend. Beautifully packaged in a crystal decanter inspired by Appleton Estate iconic bottle shape, the Rum's exceptionally layered bouquet features rich vanilla, cinnamon, maple and citrus leading to a silky palate defined by a honeyed oak finish. Only 800 bottles of this very rare release have been created worldwide, with only 15 available here in Australia.


Notable Mention:

Hoochery Distillery Ord River Spike's Reserve 10 Year Old Rum

An award winning rum from Northern WA with one of the most well balanced palates I've come across. Light and easy in the mouth with medium dry flavours of golden syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon raisin toast. Great balance. Lingers with dry vanilla, cocoa and buttery oak to finish. Elegant and restrained. A sophisticated flip-side style from this distillery that breaks new ground in Australian rum.

El Dorado Super Premium Rum Collection 12, 15, 21 Year Old 3 x 50mL

Can't choose between the two El Dorado's? Why not try a sample pack with the other notable mention the El Dorado 12 yr Old?