Podcast – Brewie, iKegger, Beer-wank and Vagina Beer

In this episode we discuss the Brewie home brewing system, iKegger’s uses beyond carrying beer, how some wanker believes going back to 90’s style branding will be less wankery than going all hipster and announcing the worst thing to hit brewing in millennia; vagina beer. No really, a beer brewed with vagina bacteria…


Also there’s the big announcement of our awesome new contributors and Leigh admits that home brewing is essentially being a janitor.


But onto the news summary:

  • A Polish company called the Order of Yoni have announced an indiegogo campaign to pre-sell beer made with the aid of a Czech model’s vagina. Called Bottled Instinct this beer has all the class of an Eastern European porn kingpin. Expect lacey red underwear, fonts in gold foil and the sort of marketing terms that make you want to shower in bleach after hearing about it.
  • Noam Beer has announced their very serious launch with a ribbed bottle and a claim that it should be considered on par with champagne. Created by a former ADIDAS brand consultant this is a prime example of where craft beer might be leading us, into the deep dark pit of an anti-craft movement. The beer itself is a Bavarian style lager and probably better than your average beer but 5x the price and with the kind of pretentious self-indulgence that suits a Suit McGee type of guy.
  • Last but not least we have new contributors on our site! These awesome “professionals” collectively enjoy alcohol more than the entirety of prohibition era New York City and with twice the personality. Most importantly they all get a share of any of the purchases you guys make through the product links and that ugly Dan Murphy’s banner up the top there. So buy via our links and you’ll help some poor hospo kids get more money that’ll inevitably go to buying more booze to review so you don’t have to roll the dice next time you’re shopping.


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