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Liquor and Lies – Fake Histories of Classic Cocktails

After nearly 7 years of constant research, bar ownership, alcohol obsession and getting my friends and family intoxicated “for science”, I’ve finally started to bring together the recipes and histories of my favourite alcohols and cocktails. In Vol 1 – Liquor and Lies, there’s enough recipes to get any bartender or cocktail curious person off to a great start.


More importantly there’s the history of every cocktail including an honest assessment of whether the history is likely true or just a nice story to cover up something darker or simpler. Every recipe also comes with each worthwhile variation I have found along with suggestions on how to swap ingredients out to create your own concoctions. There’s also a template for creating your own false history and cocktail propaganda, making you the true originator.


Buy it now before we go to print and you’ll get it signed along with first dibbs on every bottle of booze and the next books we release! Yes it’s a bit on the pricey side but this is a short run hard-cover edition and everyone who pre-purchases will get so much swag, if you buy multiple copies as gifts for people I’ll be sending you a personalised cocktail kit including shaker, engraved Yarai glass, slick bar spoon and a stepped jigger (you will love me for that last bit).


Also because we’re using Gumroad your payment is totally secure. If I don’t ship it by the due date then the money gets refunded.

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