Cope-Williams Winery Project Podcast Pt. 1

It’s been quiet here at the Booze Baron for quite some time now. With good reason I promise. We’re trying to deal with a winery…


What does it take to turn around a business? Anyone who’s been involved in a restaurant or bar or any kind of business that was once great but now feels old and out-dated knows how hard it can be to get things moving again.


What if you’re trying to completely change what the business is all about? Bring the trends from the city out to the country or turn a space running on impulse power back to one running at warp speed¬†without doing “what we used to do”? It’s a challenge and one that’s often viewed through rose tined glasses by city professionals dreaming of that one day when they’ll own a nice little winery out in the valley and escape the city life.


In between writing the book and getting the other writers back into writing regularly we’ve been given the opportunity to take over managing a winery, conference centre, hotel, art gallery, resort, sports complex, distillery, possibly brewery and all-round country business. It’s situated just 50 minutes drive form the Melbourne CBD in Australia’s number 1 sparkling wine region but as the description may give away there’s not much of a theme going on and frankly very little direction.


This is just a short episode introducing the concept of the Cope-Williams Project. Each week we’ll be updating you on our progress and trying to interview other producers and venues to find out what makes a successful cellar door, how to actually start a distillery and can breweries and wineries work harmoniously with art galleries and conference groups. There’s plenty of hurdles in our path so stay tuned and please ask questions or give suggestions via twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat… uh email… the contact and comment sections below … you get the picture.




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