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Tru Bru and a Craft Beer Growler

A recovered episode diving into the history of Growlers, why they are awesome and reviewing a growler from our favourite Melbourne craft beer growler shop TRU BRU.


Basically a growler is a bottle you fill from a keg tap, not exactly inventing the fire wheel but there’s a lot more to them than just that. They’re re-usable and better for the environment, reduce the need for additional sugars for bottle conditioning, allow small scale brewers to get their beer to customers without having to lose money on bottling (bottling rigs are far more expensive than you might think) and give people the chance to get their hands on rare and interesting beers that wouldn’t happen otherwise.


The reason we really dig what TRU BRU is doing is that they now utilise the Dan Murphy’s system to deliver Australia-wide growlers and PET plastic sample packs. Effectively they’re the milkman for beer and on this episode you get an insight into Leigh’s beer milkman fantasies.


Stay tuned for the month of March as we hit GROWLER MONTH bringing you more episodes and reviews of growlers worth taking into Autumn in Australia and general beer and brewing updates.

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