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Dark and Stormy, Moscow Mule and Ginger Beer Cocktails

The Moscow Mule cocktail and the Dark and Stormy cocktail have two things in common; ginger beer and being regularly amongst the worst-made and overrated drinks in the world. This is a real shame as the combination of ginger, lime and quality spirits is an almost bullet-proof recipe.

Like what on earth can go wrong with this?

60ml Dark Rum
30ml Lime Juice
15ml sugar syrup

Shake, dump in a glass and top with ginger beer.

It’s the classic Dark and Stormy recipe, so easy, no one should be able to mess it up. Replace the rum with vodka and hey presto it’s a mule.

So why did the Moscow Mule get voted as the most overrated drink according to Huffington post?


Well there’s two main reasons:

  1. They’re boring
  2. You haven’t got copper tankards (seriously)


Boring is easy to work out – bad rum or bad vodka means your only flavour is lime and probably bad ginger beer. There’s also very little complexity or flavour in the basic recipe above.

Fixing it? Even easier.

The first step is to buy a decent example of rum or vodka. It doesn’t have to be a premium product, just something that’s not dreadful. Check the recommendation at the end of the post.

Next get some additional flavours in there and up the existing flavours a bit also. My favourite trick is to turn a rum or vodka into a spiced spirit by using the Morgenthaler Method (1tsp five spice powder to 1 bottle of dark rum for a Dark and Stormy or vodka for a Moscow Mule) or in a really tight spot around 5ml of angostura bitters to your shaker.

Or you can just take the easy way out and try the best spiced rum ever.

As for the ginger beer BUY FEVER TREE! or failing that sign up for our newsletter on the scroll box or just comment below and we’ll be sharing our results from the DIY ginger beer trials! In a tight spot just grate 1tsp of fresh ginger into your shaker and get some punch back into your drink.


After all that the recipe doesn’t really change at all:

60mls of your now kick ass spiced spirit

30mls of fresh lime juice

15mls of sugar syrup

1tsp fresh ginger


Shake it real hard and strain into a copper mug over ice and top with Fever Tree or better yet you’re own spicy ginger beer.


Up Your Rum Game Fool!
Up Your Rum Game Fool!

Gosling's black seal is the classic dark Caribbean rum. Can't be beat and always my choice for infusing spices.

Genuinely Good Vodka?
Genuinely Good Vodka?

In terms of easy to find and get to your door? This is tough to beat and will leave you wondering why you ever drank another.

Need a Copper Moscow Mule Mug?? No More Excuses:







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