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A Healthy Margarita Recipe

A healthy Margarita is simply a low sugar recipe with loads of flavour. By swapping the sugar out for agave and replacing the cointreau with some clever little adjustments you can get all the flavour of a traditional margarita.

This isn’t just some Tommy’s Margarita Low GI thing. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Tommy’s on a hot day as much as anyone… just it’s a tequila daiquiri with agave syrup, not a margarita. Margaritas need that orange in the same way your sun-tan really doesn’t.

During my brief stint as bar manager at Newcastle’s Casa De Loco there was a need to update the menu to something a bit more fresh. Rather than trying to weigh in on the debate of traditional vs Tommy’s I suggested we make something that is quick like a Tommy’s but has just enough of a hint of the traditional to be a new drink all together; Margarita de Casa.

About an hour of experimenting with a serious up-and-comer in my man Jack Madden we pulled together this little gem and it quickly got a write up as the best Margarita in Australia. It’s also far healthier than a standard Margarita.

The Best Healthy Margarita Recipe:

Step 1 in any good Margarita recipe involves finding a seriously good blanco tequila. Plenty of people will tell you to try a reposado but if you can’t get quality out of your blanco you’re doing tequila wrong. (By the way for you guys at home take a look at who’s doing tequila right)

Step 2 involves getting fresh juicy limes and juicing them about half an hour to an hour before you want to make your drinks. Don’t believe me? Read Dave Arnold’s Liquid Intelligence and get some easy science behind your mixing (seriously this is a cocktail bible and a must read).

Step 3 involves good quality ice and a shaker, seriously look at freezing some water in a takeaway container and splitting it into big chunks, big ice improves your shaken cocktail!



60ml Arette Blanco Tequila 

30ml Lime Juice

20ml Agave Syrup

5 drops Orange Blossom Water

2 drops Saline (20% salt to 80% water by weight)

Orange Salt for Rim


Rim a chilled cocktail coupe with Orange Salt.

Shake the Tequila, Lime, Agave and Saline hard over lots of big ice.

Strain into the cocktail coupe and float the Orange Blossom Water on the top.

Garnish with a fresh orange blossom if in season, otherwise serve right away.


That's all you need and it's a seriously healthy Margarita that tastes fantastic!

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