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Honey, Mead and Berliner Weisse

Honey, Mead and Berliner Weisse. No mead and Berliner Weisse aren’t related in the slightest but this is an archived episode talking about the awesome Flow Hive and one of the best seasonal collaborative brews we’ve seen in a while.


Honey and mead making can be incredibly fun but with bees there’s always a hazard of getting stung or causing big problems in the hive structure when you’re harvesting. One other interesting thing about beekeeping is there’s always far more honey than you know what to do with… unless you’re us because then it’s obvious; you make mead!.


Berliner Weisse isn’t a particularly common style of beer but it really should be. Unlike your normal craft beers that are a bit like… well we go into that in the episode… Berliner Weisse actually stays light, refreshing and yet really interesting and complex. If you see a craft Berliner Wiesse it’s definitely worth trying out.




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