Is Australian Whisky Good?

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I am always asked this. It happens every time I do a masterclass, every time I have a drink in a pub, every time I’m on a whisky forum or speaking on stage.

Is  Aussie Whisky any good?

YES! We aren’t overpriced (though very much over-taxed) for the quality that’s being produced, it’s just that we don’t have a middle range. Everything is premium or dreadful and we’ve been ignoring all of the positive reviews for so long that some people still think we are only producing dreadful whisky.

Now distillers are making some of the most amazing spirits on the planet and our whisky is continuously getting awards and attention from other countries. It’s about time Australia and the world got behind Australian whisky in a serious way because it is getting to the point where the big 5 alcohol companies might just start buying them out or pricing them out.

If you are buying a gift, corporate or personal and you know they like whisky, hit the contact form on the home page or make an enquiry about and Australian whisky. I read all of them and I’ll even give you a call to talk through what might be the best suited spirit for your purchase or gift.

I’m asking you to buy Australian not because it’s Australian but because it’s actually pretty bloody good.



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