Japanese Whisky

The 6th of June was a special night. My girlfriend and I celebrated five years together and to show how much I loved her I got her a seat for the Japanese whisky masterclass I was booked in at the Raccoon Club.

Yeah I’m romantic like that…

Anyway private life back under lock and key here’s the line up from the night:


Before I go into tasting notes and ratings here’s my interpretation of Japanese whisky.

Japanese whisky is an expression of so much of the Japanese culture, especially it’s food culture. Where other countries attempt to wow the palate with exciting flavours, traditional Japanese is a subtle and incredibly well balanced food style.

Much like a lot of Japanese culture the ability to experiment and innovate in whisky styles is balanced with tradition and attention to detail. It is for this reason that most Japanese whiskies are blended.

A fine example is:


Ichiro’s Malt and Grain is a brilliant blend of cheap grain and carefully matured malt. Compared to nearly every blended scotch I have tried in the past, this had layer upon layer of flavour and made me feel as though I was drinking a metaphorical onion, each note giving way to the next in striking succession.


I’ll follow up with a post for each whisky, they really deserve it!



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