Masterclasses Make Money

So why do masterclasses work? Really it’s quite simple, masterclasses work because they educate customers that are already engaged.

People who buy tickets to masterclasses don’t do so because they want to have an expensive experience, they do it because they are curious about a specific topic or product. By educating and offering them a high value experience based around that education, you can create customers that not only pay for the experience but actively seek more expensive and interesting products to buy.

They start buying based on your recommendation rather than what they already know or feel comfortable with. Effectively you create connoisseurs that aren’t difficult to deal with.

Don’t believe me?

One of my customers previously sold $200 of a particular type of whiskey in a year. After one masterclass with me they sold the $5000 of that same type of whiskey in just three weeks.

Another customer has added the eight meters of flat shelf space just to house the new spirits his customers regularly buy. His staff are also more confident about what they sell and are able to recommend high margin spirits to customers that previously thought the new microbrew tap beer was a bit of a risk.

Wouldn’t you like to have more than two or three tequilas on your shelf? Each bottle unrecognized by most but worth more per drink than any margin Jose Cuervo gives you?

Imagine having customers regularly drinking spirits that are $18-$30 a glass, not complaining, not showing off and wanting to buy it by the bottle from you as well. It happens a lot, I even offer venues the ability to take a commission on any bottle sales for products we run a masterclass on.

Masterclasses pay for themselves and get your customers excited about the spirits you want to be selling. So click the contact us button and get me in for a chat to see how we can help get more value out of your customers.



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