Million Pound Whisky

Whoa check this one out guys and gals! I’ve been keeping an eye on this release for a while (as some of you may have heard I am a bit of again of this distillery and it’s current blender) but I never expected to see this retail price tag!

Scotch for a Million Pounds??? Click the link and get a gobsmacking!

So it’s a collection that you need wheelbarrows to negotiate a cash-price discount at Harrods for… Looks a bit like this in cash:


So what would you do with whisky like that? The only thing I can think of is take it home to your summer castle that you bought for roughly the same price:


And throw a freaking epic party:


Because let’s face it, you probably own the freaking world like some Monsanto illuminati grand dragon…

Yeah I kinda do want to be that guy…



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