Mixology Monday 107 – Burden of Proof


That’s right is Mixology Monday again… or as I know it “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit it’s Sunday afternoon and I promised I’d do Mixology Monday this month.” If you haven’t done a MxMo before, or have no idea what I’m talking about then head straight over to http://mixologymonday.com/ and feed your soul into the all-just-a-bit-of-fun monster that is committing to creating a brand new cocktail every month based on a theme someone else picks.

This month’s theme was the Burden of Proof, or essentially overproof spirits and how to make them rock the cocktail. Thanks Dagreb from Nihil Utopia for keeping things interesting!

It was but a few hours ago that I sat on my couch, conquering the world in my pyjamas, mulling over the cocktails I could create. When a flash of searing white light exploded in my brain (or the coffee finally kicked in) and I realised the home bar has only a handful of overproof spirits, none of which are great for cocktails. Bugger…

I sat there staring at what was left in my coffee plunger pot… hmmm… coffee’s good.

Then I stared at my bar trolley… what is a classic combination with coffee?

Then I threw logic out the window and in a big flipping the bird to common sense move decided to go as OTT on the OP as an OG can B. (If you’d like to book me as a rapper or ghost lyric writer contact my agent HERE)

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Cold Distilled Absinthe (crystal clear and profoundly aromatic) – 91.2% ABV or 182.4 proof would be the complex punch, carried with the bridge of vintage Marie Brizzard Grand Orange (professional use only) – 60% or 120 proof. After those two are balanced out wiht a shot of coffee there was still a need for some sweetness and rounding of the flavours so Campari to the rescue and suddenly you have a drink that looks like a Negroni but tastes…

Well I know I shouldn’t say it but better. Like this is seriously well rounded and enjoyable (unless you detest aniseed) without any of the pure alcohol burn or flavours you’d expect.

Coffee has a magic ability to bond to certain flavour compounds and balance them out really effectively, combine that with the sugar in Campari and suddenly you have a very rounded drink. What’s more you have layers of balanced complexity that bring all the positives of Absinthe forward with a big citrus kick from the other liquor ingredients.


The O.T.T.O.P.

30ml Cold Black Coffee

15ml Professor Ampleforth’s Cold Distilled Absinthe

15ml Marie Brizzard Grand Orange

30ml Campari


Stir with some big chunks of ice and pour over a big ice chunk in a rocks glass (or Denver & Liely glass) with a thick grapefruit peel as the garnish. Definitely a corpse reviver style of cocktail so expect to hit this during the day time.




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