MxMo 109 – The Dry Cocktails Wrap-Up

For Mixology Monday 109 I threw down the glove of coming up with a good dry cocktail recipe. The post was long but essentially pointed out that as a “scene” the cocktail movement tends to use sugar and sweetness a bit too willingly and ignores delicate dry flavours that a whole range of people actually prefer.Mixology Monday


Well the glove became a gauntlet and those that jumped on board laid the smack down in brilliant fashion:


Pete Barmeister from Meticulous Mixing dropped the Tei Toudo a masterful mix of Jinzu, sencha tea and just enough lime juice to excite the sour tastebuds.

Tei Toudo

Tei Toudo


Christa and Shaun from The Booze Nerds gave us two perfect aperetifs showcasing just how broad the “dry” spectrum can be. Nailing both the herbaceous Summer feeling and the spicy, stiff bourbon with the Danelaw and Fucking Tuesday.

Dry Cocktails

The Danelaw

Dry Cocktails

Fucking Tuesday


Dagreb hit it out of the park on Nihil Utopia with the In Fidel, a mix of Cuban style rum, scotch and wonderfully dry manzanilla sherry.

dry cocktails

In Fidel


@Wsstik on instagram gave us this gorgeous dirty spicy martini full of fino sherry and pepperoncini juice.

Dry Cocktails


@cdeliason created the Herbal Dictionary and kept things dry with a hint of Drambuie

dry cocktails

Herbal Dictionary


Joel DePipa of the Southern Ash blog pushed the Negroni to new heights turning it into a highball with crisp saison adding the volume for the Arkansano Corretto.

dry cocktails

Arkansano Corretto


Adam from Mr Muddle took a nautical theme and charted course for a perfectly balanced, dry, spiced libation reminisce of a Scandinavian Summer with the Dry Dock cocktail.

dry cocktails

Dry Dock


Fred Yarm from Cocktail Virgin kept it old school with the Van Wyck, guiding the readers on how to adjust the dashes of sweeteners to suit not just the challenge but one’s own palate. Excellent work!

dry cocktails

Van Wyck


Michael Lewis from Drunken Diplomacy (great name) went local and exotic at the same time wiht the Foxy Bay Saketini.

dry cocktails

Foxy Bay


Doc Elliot just obliterated everyone else and gave us three examples of how to do dry cocktails the right way. His post How Dry I Am is a must read for anyone trying to get their head around dry cocktails and the potential therein.

dry cocktails

Apple Old Fashioned

dry cocktails

Desert Kiss

dry cocktail

Rakia Martini


And of course I have to put my beaker where my mouth is and make something dry yet intriguing and so I give you the Sesíon All-Spice-No-Burn Martini:


60ml Sesíon Reposado tequila

20ml Amontillado sherry

10ml Rotovap Habenero liqueur

3 dashes Orange Bitters

1 Cinnamon quill

Stir everything together with lots of ice, be sure to include the cinnamon quill. Strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with an orange twist woven through a slice of jalapeño.

Sesion Tequila

Sesíon No Burn Martini


Based on a basic martini recipe I created for Sesíon tequila the addition of vacuum-distilled habanero gives all the vibrant flavours you associate with chilli without any of the burn (capsaicin isn’t distilled under vacuum). This with the dry nuttiness of the amontillado rounds out the spices of the tequila and the cinnamon and orange highlight my favourite aromatics in the base spirit.



Huge thanks as always to Fred Yarm for keeping Mixology Monday alive and anyone interested should totally head over to the Mixology Monday website and get involved!




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