Rehydrating Cocktails – Post-Marathon Mixology

Recently I found out my size 7 feet were the sample size for New Balance shoes. Somewhat irrelevant to you the readers, I’m sure, but another irrelevant fact is that this meant due to my sisters friendship – I could get all the free kicks I wanted! This led to an over enthusiastic conversation with my sister’s friend, let’s call him Tom, about doing a running competition together.


“I feel like I’m on a trampolinnnneee!” As I gracefully ran around the store like a kid who had a touch too much Ribena.


He then started rambling on that I should meet his generosity with putting the merch on my Instagram. He scratches my back, I scratch his etc. However the reality is my instagram is about alcohol… I’m not serving a cocktail in a shoe, regardless of my German heritage.


This however did lead to a train of thought that made his request feasible, and made me realise there is a huge gap in the market. Not just for the cross promotion of New Balance gear and alcoholic libations, but alcohol and running in general.

A Bit Like This:

New Balance Coupon

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Dan Murphy's

Then click and fill your shopping basket ready for you to jog on over and collect.


No really… the coupon works and booze is booze. Go for it!


Yes yes, I know. Alcohol dehydrates you and thus does not make the best choice when it comes to strenuous exercise, but what about when they hand out beers at the end of marathons?? This apparently has become quite the trend these days, with a lot of enthusiastic supporters… but what if I didn’t like beer so much? What if I agreed with the sceptics, and believed beer was a poor choice when it comes to after running hydration – what if I could suggest something better, a thirst quenching cocktail perhaps?


So! The science is somewhat simple, H2O and electrolytes are the main requirements that have to be met. Alcohol is pretty much mainly water, right? And last time I checked so is ice, so let the recommendations begin!



A common misconception is that salt is bad for rehydrating, but on the contrary – salt is your secret weapon. I can bore you with chat about electrolytes, how salt is actually your saviour etc. But it’s best you just trust me and follow the steps below.


45 ml 100% agave Tequila Arette (or mezcal like Burrito Fiestro if you prefer things a bit more racey)

Pink Grapefruit Capi

3 wedges of lime

Pink Himalayan salt


Rim the glass with the salty goodness, fill with ice and then squeeze 2 of the 3 wedges of lime into the glass. Pour in the tequila and top with the Capi, garnish with the last wedge of lime and ta da! Dehydration no more! In style too, might I add.



Coconut water mojito


We’ve all heard about the hydrating miracle which is coconut water – it  BYOs all the electrolytes your body craves, and in mojito form it also brings the rum that you’re craving too. Two birds, one stone.


60ml Havana Club 3 Años

1 Lime (quatered)

6 mint leaves, and a luscious sprig for garnish

1 bar spoon of agave syrup

Coconut water


Get a glass, and add half a quartered lime, the agave and the mint leaves. Muddle, muddle, muddle! Then fill the remainder of the glass with ice, and top with coconut water and swizzle it a bit. Use the mint sprig and remaining lime to make it look pretty. Drink it. Now everyone else looks prettier too.


Vodka Raspberry… Kombucha!


I was under the impression that Kombucha was just fancy flavoured vinegar, poured off from the other nights sauerkraut. Then I had good kombucha – let me tell you, it’s the difference between Bundy and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. Worldssss a part. My favourite brand thus far is an organic Australian label called Parkers, it kind of taste like the soft drink form of the flavour, just slightly less sweet and more zingy.


45ml of your favourite vodka

Parkers Organic Raspberry Kombucha


This ones pretty easy. If you ever made a vodka raspberry when you were 14, nothing much has changed in the method. Fill a glass with ice, vodka, and the miracle juice and you’re done!


In posting this, I hope I’ve bettered the world slightly. If they’re going to call it a ‘fun run’ they might as well supply ‘fun’, no? Who knows, maybe it’ll will catch on as far as having half way mark refreshment stops. One can only dream…