Rums You Have to Try

Australia’s growing premium rum market is finally starting to deliver some of the best rums in the world. I don’t just mean Australian rums alone either, importers like the boys at Quittin’ Time (podcast episode) are making the best rums from around the world easy to find and purchase.

We now have access to over 300 different rums that can be delivered to our doors. That’s 100x our previous Bundaberg, Bundaberg O.P. and Appleton Estate 12yr selection that was around just a decade ago.

The problem is there’s far too many for the average person to get into and almost no bottleshops have an in-house rum expert. The musician packing shelves at Dan’s cracking a Bundy O.P. & Cola can that totally fell off the pallet and got to dented to sell really just can’t cut it.

Beyond that every rum “expert” on the internet or doing tastings around the country is employed by one of the rum brands themselves. You can’t trust a guy that tries to tell you Bundaberg Distillers Edition is a good rum… it isn’t. You can’t trust someone that puts Ron Zacapa on the table against rums that haven’t been sweetened with more sugar than your nan’s tea, they’ll always taste harsh compared to that much sugar.

You also can’t trust the bartenders that don’t get so obsessive about rums they have whole months missing from their lives after that trip to the Caribbean. If they aren’t so into rums they dream of making their own they’ve probably made the mistake of trusting the other guys and gals listed above.

Don’t forget the majority of information in the alcohol world is just bad marketing and advertising. Everything else is usually flat-out lies. Not intentionally mind you, just misinformation and the sort of loose terminology (i.e. premium) that means you the consumer end up paying way too much for a poor product. I’m all for paying top dollar if it’s worth it but be cautions… that’s all I’m saying.

I’ve had the fortune of tasting far more rums than I probably wanted to over the years (don’t get me wrong I love it, just the good ones weren’t so common). Now that the biggest liquor retailer in the country has it’s “Connections” initiative you can get some of the best bottles delivered to your door. I’ve never had the good fortune to be employed by a rum brand or paid for my writings on rum however.

So what better way to deal with it than create a leader board over at The Best Rum in Australia

This post has been a long time in the making but my good buddy Richard from Rich Presenter (if anyone in Melbourne needs to boost their presentation skills, just sayin’) sent me a message asking where he can get some of the rums he likes now that I don’t sell direct anymore. Well here’s the list of the best rums available in Australia and all you gotta do is click through and purchase them.

Oh and if it’s a Dan Murphy’s site they give me a little kickback on anything you purchase so it’s much appreciated. I’m not paid by them to write this though so if there’s a better rum they don’t have, it will be on the board with a link to the best retailer I can find.


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Rums You Have To Try
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Rums You Have To Try
Rum has never been more popular and with the premium rum market exploding in Australia find out where you can try the best rums available.
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