The Best Spiced Rum Ever

Spiced rum is insanely popular right now, replacing Jägermeister as the frat boy’s hit of choice with old brands reviving dead markets and new brands opening up everywhere. What makes a good spiced rum though?


First off let’s just drop some honesty on the discussion, spiced rum is traditionally just a way of shifting the rum so nasty it can’t even qualify for your entry level low-quality rum. You cover that hangover inducing firewater with sugar, cinnamon, orange peel, clove, vanilla and pimento (usually in super-cheap extract form) and put a pirate reference on the label and Robert’s your dad’s brother.


Jeffery Morganthaler shows how easy it is to make your own spiced rum by just adding a few teaspoons of Chinese five spice powder to a bottle of [CBC show=”y” country=”au”]Gosling’s Black Seal [/CBC] [CBC show=”y” country=”uk”]Gosling’s Black Seal [/CBC] (solid quality dark rum, click on the name to buy it). But in all honesty there’s a difference between rum that has had spice added to it to bring in additional flavour and normal spiced rum, which is more the “add spices to hide how much we F@#ked up the distillation” kind.


That being said there are a few producers that nail it and one of these is Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced Rum. These guys source all of their base rum spirit form the Demerara Distillers Limited group, which you might better know as El Dorado the first serious attempt at turning rum into a spirit you drink to enjoy.


I’ve ranted and raved about El Dorado and DDL based rums for so long I can’t honestly believe I’m only just getting a post up about a product that uses their stuff. It’s not some cheap nasty rum with a bit of essences added to it here, oh no. Take a look at this quick video I shot reviewing it:



If that’s not enough just think christmas pudding with thick slabs of jersey milk butter and caramelised Demerara sugar. This is a spiced rum for the serious spirit drinker as much as it’s a spiced rum for mixing and introducing a novice.


The best part? It’s cheaper than a whole lot of those pirate-branded, sea monster named clichés that are raking in the cash right now. Once again don’t believe the hype, marketing is made for selling alcohol that can’t stand on its own so support a smaller producer and pick up a better, tastier and cheaper spiced rum today. Click on the image to buy it!


Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced Rum


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