What is in Whisky

What is in whisky?

This question has been on my mind a lot of late. Most people can give the literal response with very few mistakes but that’s not really what I’m asking.

When you look at a whisky do you see a drink?

A vehicle for getting drunk?

A moment of relaxation?

A way to escape?

The soul of some bearded distiller?

Amber liquid?

There are so many ways of interpreting what’s in the glass that it’s impossible for me to nail down just one. Yesterday I had a bit of a realisation, there is something I always see in a glass of spirits…


Show me a glass of whisky and I will taste it just to work out if the product suits specialty, mass consumption or rare and collectable markets. To see if there’s some unique attribute that makes that whisky worth drinking or selling to my customers and which sort of customer would be interested.

Can it convert a non-whisky drinker? Does it taste better in a cocktail? Should I order a barrel of it and keep it away for future returns?

I can’t look at a glass of whisky and not see all the things it could possibly be to me and other people… Weird huh?

Well chuck your whisky vision comments below! What do you see in a glass of whisky?



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