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Yarai Mixing Glass – The Ultimate Cocktail Mixing Glass

The Yarai Mixing glass was the most vital piece of equipment at my bar Qualia Lounge, so much so that I needed 6 of them just to make sure my tiny venue could keep up with the cocktail demand. Back then I was a fairly early adopter and couldn’t find them anywhere other than a few very specialty online Japanese stores and google translate was the only way I could make an order.

One issue I discovered early on was that caring for them can be a bit of a hassle in a busy bar. Glasswashers/dishwashing machines can crack them very easily if you don’t warm them up first and this was definitely more common in those that had seams rather than seamless.

There’s two major ways of making mixed drinks, shaking and stirring and as so many bars and experts have now proven, you can’t shake a drink that’s supposed to stirred. Stirred not Shaken… Sorry Mr Bond

These are the glasses to do that stirring. Whether it’s home bar or upping your cocktail game in a bar you’ll never go wrong with a Yarai mixing glass (or 6) just remember that going straight from lots of ice and booze into the hot washer is a risky move.



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